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Insight About Over-the-Counter Compact Readers

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Straining to read typed or written lettering can disrupt leisure reading sessions or interfere with business-related research that requires the review of paperwork. The ability to focus on small print often weakens with age. Compact readers contain magnifying lenses that will enlarge small details, such as typed or written letters, numbers, and characters.

1. OTC Eyewear

The lenses of the eyes become less flexible as people get older, often resulting in the need for corrective eyewear. If an individual isn't a candidate for prescription-strength glasses or if they do not have the funds for an exam or prescription eyewear, they could consider OTC eyewear products.

OTC (Over-the-counter) readers contain two lenses that are framed like prescription glasses. Readers enhance small details that are within close proximity to the eyes, with the aid of magnifying lenses. The optical power of a lens is known as diopter strength. A lower strength will magnify things slightly and a higher strength will magnify things much more.

2. Compact Readers

Compact reading glasses may include ones that contain lightweight frames and thin lenses or pairs that are each designed to fold. A standard, unfoldable pair that is classified as compact can be stored inside of a glasses sleeve or case. Foldable pairs may come in a hard or soft case.

Your age and eye strength may coincide with the amount of magnification necessary for you to see through a pair of readers. Younger people tend to need lenses that contain a lower diopter strength. Conversely, older people may need lenses that contain a higher diopter strength. Compact readers are sold at pharmacies and through online eyewear suppliers. 

3. Built-In Lights

Reading in a dimly lit room can put additional strain on the eyes. LED lights that are built into a pair of compact readers will not only help make reading in a dim room more bearable but could also aid in preventing others from being distracted by the person who is reading.

If you often read in bed or while using public transportation, small lights that are recessed within the frames of your readers will allow you to shine a bright light down onto a passage being read, without being disruptive to others. Purchase compact readers that contain a button or switch that will allow you to control the operation of each light.

To learn more about your options, contact companies that sell compact reading glasses.