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3 Tips For Creating Custom T-Shirts

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There are numerous reasons why you could create a custom T-shirt. You could create a custom T-shirt as an inside joke or for a special event with friends. Or maybe you need to create a shirt for a work event or special event for an organization. When you design a T-shirt, you want to ensure you create a design people will want to wear. You don't want to create a T-shirt people only wear once and never want to use again. You can use these strategies to create a shirt that people actually like.  

Keep Things Simple 

When it comes to T-shirt designs, the key is to keep things simple. Don't overdo it with your design. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is to include too much with their design—too many colors, too many words, or too many images. A T-shirt is a big space, but it isn't that big, so try to keep things simple. 

When someone looks at your shirt, you want them to be able to tell you what it says instantly. You don't want them sitting there, trying to figure out what it means. The meaning should be conveyed immediately when one looks at the shirt. If people don't understand what your shirt says or is trying to convey, they are unlikely to wear it again. If you think your design is too complicated, it probably is. Remove things down to the bare essentials. Less is more with a T-shirt design. 

Get Rid of the Border 

When you are creating a T-shirt design, don't use a border. This isn't a picture, and the edges don't need to be defined. Adding a border to your image can make your work feel stiff and can make your image look awkward if it isn't centered properly. With a T-shirt, you want to get rid of the border. An open border will look better on a T-shirt. You will want to submit an image with a transparent background to the printer so that there are no weird borders on your shirt. 

T-Shirt Color Matters 

When designing your T-shirt, keep in mind what you want the background color to be, which is the primary color of the T-shirt. The color of the T-shirt can make your design pop or fade into the background. Choose complementary colors to ensure your design pops on your T-shirt and doesn't get washed out.  

When making a T-shirt, make one that people want to wear more than once. Keep things simple; when things get too complicated, the meaning of your T-shirt can get lost. Use a transparent background, and choose a T-shirt color that works with the image

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