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Key Attributes Of A Mastectomy Bra

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If you're scheduled to have a mastectomy, one of the things that you may want to do in advance of this procedure is shop for some clothing and accessories that you'll use in the days and weeks after you return home. You can find all sorts of post-mastectomy products for sale in your area, and one of the most important is a mastectomy bra. This is a special type of undergarment that you'll wear moving forward. These bras are available in several different styles, but perhaps more important than their look is the functionality that they offer. Here are three key attributes to look for when you shop for a mastectomy bra.

Large Pocket

One of the main traits of a mastectomy bra is the presence of pockets in each of the cups. If you intend to wear a prosthesis, the pocket will be a place to hold it. The pockets can vary from bra to bra. Look for an undergarment that has a large pocket, as this will not only allow you to fit your desired size of prosthesis into it, but it will also enable you to take the prosthesis in and out with ease. You should also note how easily you can access the pocket.

Soft Material

After a mastectomy, many people need to continue to receive cancer care. It's common to go through radiation, for example, as a way of ensuring that any cancer cells that remain after the surgery are eliminated. Radiation has a number of unpleasant side effects, including making your skin sensitive in certain areas. With this detail in mind, it's important to choose a mastectomy bra that is made of soft material. Some of these undergarments are softer than others. The softer the bra, the gentler it will be against your sensitive skin.

Easy Adjustment

You'll also want to look at how to adjust various mastectomy bras and, in particular, how easy it is to make these adjustments. There are lots of times that you may wish to adjust the fit of this undergarment. For example, if your skin is feeling particularly sensitive as a result of radiation, you may feel that loosening the bra a little will provide relief from skin irritation. Similarly, if you need to adjust the bra based on whether or not you're wearing a prosthesis, you want doing so to be quick and easy. Consider these attributes when you shop for a mastectomy bra.

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