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Shop For Personalized Apparel For Your Christmas Presents

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If you are looking for ideas on personalized apparel that you can give as Christmas gifts, you've come to the right place. Buy branded screen printed apparel for everybody on your gift list and you'll more than likely put smiles on those who receive your gifts. Here are some ideas that might help you as you make your selections.

Are your family members very involved in your high school's sports? Whether it's as participants or as spectators, wouldn't it be fun for each member of your family to wear clothing that has a depiction of the school's mascot? For example, maybe the high school's mascot is an eagle. You will probably find that there are already things like T-shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies for sale right at the school. 

Maybe you'd rather come up with your own branded screen printing design. For example, maybe the depiction of the eagle on the already available apparel is very large, taking up space on the entire front of the items you want to buy. If that's the case, a screen printing company will be happy to design clothing especially for you. A smaller eagle with words like, Nobody flies higher than our Eagles! would be one idea.

Think of giving screen printed tank tops to the gals on your list. Add a sweatshirt to the gift so that the girls can keep warm while they watch outdoor sports. Plain hoodies or zip-up hoodies would be great gifts for every single person on your list, especially since it's winter time.

Gift Baskets - One idea is to order a screen printed tote bag, also with the logo of your school's mascot and the name of the school on it. Fill the personalized tote with things you know the recipient would love.

  • For instance, besides a tank top and a sweatshirt for the girls on your list, the personalized tote might hold tickets to the next home game, cute socks that will complement the apparel you have chosen and the recipient's favorite candy bars. 
  • Are you giving a personalized tote to the grandmothers on your list? Maybe one of the grandmothers is a big knitter. If so, think of buying a gift card to her favorite knitting supply store. Tuck the gift card in the pocket of a personalized hoodie. And, of course, candy will probably also be a good addition for the grandma.
  • Maybe a grandfather on your list would love to have the latest book by his favorite author. Buy things like comfy socks, a tin of hot chocolate mix and a cup with the school's log as part of the design.