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4 Basic Items For Nautical Winter Outfits

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When most people think of nautical themes, they think of light, airy, beach clothing. But your winter baby doesn't have to miss out on adorable nautical themed outfits. In fact, warm winter clothes can give a more authentic, rustic look to your baby's outfit. If you are looking to put together a few nautical winter outfits, try integrated these basic items into their wardrobe: 

Thermal Fisherman's Shirt

The traditional fisherman's shirt is a classic aspect of the nautical theme. They tend to feature thin horizontal stripes in navy blue and either white or cream. A tight-knit wool shirt will keep your baby warm and dry during the cold winter. However, if your baby has sensitive skin, you may want to go for a heavy-weight cotton instead. To keep the authenticity, go for a deep waffled fabric. 

Navy Blue Beanie 

While you could opt for a blue and white striped beanie, a basic navy blue beanie will match more outfits while keeping your child's head warm. You may opt to get a beanie with an anchor printed on it, but, for the nautical look, forego the beanies with pom-poms on top. While they may be cute, a plain beanie will give a more rugged, manly look to your little one. 

Navy Blue Scarf 

The scarf is the area where you really want to embellish the nautical theme. Opt for a scarf with an anchor, boat, or flotation device printed on it. Additionally, you may want white or cream stripes on the end of the scarf. This item will tie your outfit together, making the nautical theme a little more obvious. 

Baby Booties

As with the scarf, you have plenty of options to keep your baby's feet warm while remaining in the nautical theme. If you want to add a splash of extra color to your child's outfit, white, cream, or red booties will fit the theme while making it a little more child-like. Just make sure whatever color or pattern you pick is echoed elsewhere in your baby's outfit. This will ensure your baby looks put together for photo opportunities or special outings. 

Just because you have a winter baby does not mean you have to forgo adorable nautical clothing. In fact, nautical clothing was originally designed to withstand cold nights at sea. So, your baby can look absolutely charming bundled up as a traditional sailor with a few basic items. For more information on nautical baby boy clothes, contact a local baby store.