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Tips For Finding A Sports Bra When You Have A Little Extra To Support

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As a woman with a larger chest, you surely know the struggle of finding a supportive sports bra. You may watch the smaller ladies job down the street in a flimsy bra with barely a jiggle and wish that could be you. But alas, you've been blessed with a little more, and you need to find a bra to support it. Here are four tips to help you find a sports bra that won't 'do you dirty' as women with a bit more to support.

Look For Bras Made Only In Larger Sizes

It would be really hard to make a bra that worked well for women with small breasts and also for women with larger ones. They simply require different material and a different structure. So, if you want a supportive bra, look for one that only comes in bigger sizes. This is a sign that the manufacturer designed the bra specifically with the needs of larger-chested women in mind -- rather than just making an all-purpose bra in many different sizes.

Buy From An Athletic Company

A fashion company that's making sports bras may be aiming more for look and less for function. You stand a better chance of finding a supportive bra from an athletic apparel company, like the chill by will athletic bra. They will have designed it with the needs of athletic women in mind -- so it should support you rather than just sitting there and looking nice when you are stationary. Don't worry; athletic companies these days are making much more stylish apparel, so you should still have your choice of colors and patterns.

Look For Adjustable Straps

A completely stretchy sports bra with no adjustable straps is a nightmare for a larger-chested women. Usually, these bras will start off fitting okay, but then within one use or two, they get just a little too loose. Adjustable straps let you tighten up the bra and get a little more support once it has lost that brand-new stiffness.

Try Them On

If at all possible, visit a retail store and actually try bras on before you buy. Jump up and down in them to make sure they really do offer enough support. If you must buy online, order from a company that offers free returns. Order a few different bras to try. Keep the ones that do offer the support you need, and return the ones that you don't like as much.