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Body Insecurities And Wedding Dresses: Simple Solutions For Greater Confidence

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Nearly every woman has at least one body part they dislike. This is usually a manageable problem, but it intensifies when it comes time to choose a wedding dress. It is easy for anyone to be intimidated when they know that all the eyes in the room will be on them. Having an unflattering feature on display makes it hard to stride confidently down the aisle. Here are some tips for choosing a dress that will help to boost any body image.

Hiding the Arms

Some of the most popular styles every season are sleeveless and strapless gowns. However, not all women are comfortable baring their shoulders and arms. This is simple to hide by choosing a gown with sleeves. A plunging neckline and sleeves that sit just at the edge of the shoulder help to keep the seductive allure of a sleeveless gown. Lace sleeves allow the skin to peek through and are cooler than a solid material. 

Covering a Tummy

A wide waist makes it difficult to have the desired silhouette in a form-fitting gown. An empire waist is a better choice that is very feminine and still has a defined shape. Avoid choosing a design that looks like a maternity gown by selecting one that drapes over the hips and skims the waist with as little extra material as possible. An elaborate bodice will help to draw eyes up as well. 

Trimming the Hips

It is not uncommon for women to dislike features on themselves that all other women wish they had. Wider hips and a bountiful backside are admired today but many women still wish they could make them go away. In a wedding gown, it is as simple as choosing a dress with a fitted waist. Rhinestones or some other glittery design along the waistline keep all eyes at this level. Wedding dresses that drape but use minimal fabric from the waist down also avoid adding extra inches. 

There are simple tips to remember. A body part that is too small is easy to make look more in proportion with a few ruffles, sequins or pleats. Larger areas are camouflaged easily by lightly covering the area with fabric that drapes smoothly. Shoes with thin high heels make legs look longer as do high-waist gowns. Accentuating a fabulous feature like an ample cleavage, shapely legs or toned back will take the attention away from any other less flattering area.