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How To Use Nautical Shirts On Your Cruise

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If you are going on a cruise, count yourself very, very lucky! Perhaps this is your first cruise. If so, you may be wondering exactly how to plan the wardrobe for your trip. If you've cruised before, you still might need some pointers. Either way, from nautical shirts to the right jewelry, here are some ideas that might help you to look nice and to be comfortable:

Think Land And Water - The fun of a cruise is that you'll have relaxing and fun times while you are at sea. Then you'll have new adventures when you go into different ports. You'll want to be dressed appropriately for both:

  • Think of ways you can combine the clothes you pack. Remember that you'll have limited space in your room on the ship.
  • For example, while you're at sea, shorts and a tank top will be fine for lounging as you watch the water. The same outfit can be topped with a nautical shirt when you arrive at the port, not only to protect you from the sun but for a more polished appearance.
  • The same nautical shirt can be worn with a casual skirt and comfortable shoes. Wear the shirt on top of a tank top, but this time leave it unbuttoned and tie it in a knot at your waist.
  • If you'll be going to the beach, consider wearing an over-sized nautical shirt as a swimsuit cover up. Buy beach shoes that match the shirt.

Give Your Clothes A Different Look - When thinking about cruise clothes, remember that you'll sometimes want to look very casual, while at other times you'll want a dressier look:

  • Think about what you can do with jewelry. For example, you can give your shorts and nautical a very spiffy look with the addition of the right earrings, necklace, and bracelets.
  • For a festive, fun mood, add chunky colorful plastic jewelry that matches your nautical shirt.
  • If you're wanting to be a more dressed-up look for a casual dinner, add metallic jewelry to your ensemble. 
  • Shirts with a nautical print will usually go best with solid colors. However, consider pairing them with plaids or polka dots for added fun and interest.

Don't forget to take super comfortable shoes for the days that you go into port. Usually the shoes you wear on busy days while you run errands are the same kind of shoes you'll want in port. If you buy brand new shoes, be sure to wear them before you leave, just to make sure they're broken in for comfort.

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