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Frugal Fashion: How To Put Together An Inexpensive Spring Wardrobe

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If you are ready to start adding to your spring wardrobe but lack a sizable clothing budget, do not get discouraged. There are some amazing boutique-style, gorgeous options for women's clothing to be found for little to no money. It will just take a little research and tenacity to find them. Here are some tips to help you outfit yourself this spring:

Do Not Discount Big Box Stores

One great place to start looking for really nice clothing is at big box stores. Long known for inexpensive pieces that lacked quality, these stores are beginning to step up their game. They now realize that there is a bunch of competition for women's clothing, so they are partnering with some great designers to create special collections for a fraction of what they would normally cost. Major designers, from Isaac Mizrahi to Victoria Beckham have worked with some national chains to come up with amazingly gorgeous products that are available to everyone at a great price point.

Thrift Shopping

If you want to really save some money on your spring wardrobe, do not overlook the value of thrift shopping. You would be amazed at the type of boutique clothing you can find at a thrift store. Many of these stores will sell clothing for just a few dollars apiece, leaving you a treasure trove of a wardrobe for pennies on the dollar.

When you are thrift shopping, one thing to remember is that you will not find the same thing twice. What is there today may not be there tomorrow. If you see something you want, go ahead and grab it.

Another tip for thrift shopping is to visit thrift shops in the more affluent neighborhoods. Many people will donate some really great boutique-style clothing that is barely used. You may even find some items with price tags on them still.

In addition, make your thrifting an all-day adventure. Line up as many thrift stores as you can visit in a day. The more you go to, the more success you will have. Take a day during the weekend and spend from morning until night perusing the racks lining up the perfect spring wardrobe.

Check For Online Specials

Shopping for clothing is very often done online, not only for convenience but also because you can find some great discounts. There are coupon sites dedicated to providing specials on any number of items, but especially clothing. You can find very nice, expensive clothing items for half off or more as long as you shop within a specific timeframe.

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