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When You Invest In Handmade Leather Boots: Tips For Proper Care

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If you have invested in handmade leather boots, it's important to take care of your boots so that they will last. Leather is a very durable material, and when you treat your leather handmade sandals or boots right, you'll be able to enjoy your shoes for a number of years. Whether you recently bought a new pair of leather shoes and you want to know how to get them ready to wear outside, or you have an old pair that you want to refurbish, there are a number of ways to protect and rejuvenate the shoes that you have when they are made out of leather.

Remove Any Loose Dirt

Start by using a brush designed for leather boots or a soft piece of material to wipe down your shoes. Remove any laces, and wash the laces separately if they are dirty. If the laces are beyond repair, replace them with a new pair. Use the brush or piece of material to wipe off dust, dirt, and debris from your leather shoes. This will begin the process of cleaning your leather shoes, and removes any loose dirt that is making your shoes look dirty.

Wipe Down the Leather

Using a mixture of water and any kind of mild soap for dishes, use a soft, wet towel to wipe down your leather shoes. The water should be warm, and only applied to the outside of your shoes. Take the time to wipe down your shoes carefully, getting into every crevice to remove dirt and grime.

Wipe Again With Warm Water

Using another soft, wet towel, but without soap, wipe down your leather shoes to remove the soap that you just used. As you go through this process, look for any dirt or stains that you may have missed. If you see further stains, use the soapy mixture again before wiping down with warm water only.

Condition the Leather

Once you have properly cleaned your shoes, you'll need to condition the leather. You can find a number of different leather conditioners to choose from, or you can make your own by mixing two teaspoons of linseed oil with one teaspoon of vinegar. Rub the conditioner into the leather, and allow it to sit for about half an hour.

Once the conditioner has been on your shoes for half an hour, use a soft, dry cloth to buff your shoes until they shine. Dry your shoes in a shady area, preferably in the open air before you wear them.