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Celebrate Your Child's Special Event With A Custom T-Shirt

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Custom t-shirts are a creative way to celebrate and commemorate events in your child's life. Custom t-shirts are quick to make, easy to order, economical, and available in lots of sizes and colors. Look online and at local clothing, stationery, and sporting goods stores to get a custom t-shirt created for your child. Here are a few suggested events and occasions when you can give your child a custom t-shirt:  

On the First Day of School:  When your child graduates from pre-school and begins to attend grammar school, you can give them a new t-shirt to mark the occasion. You can print your child's name, the name of their new school, and the date that they became a new student. A drawing of your child and their new school can also be included in the design. 

On the Occasion of a Birthday Party:  When you host a birthday party for your child, you can get custom t-shirts for all the kids that attend the party. You can have your child's name, the date of the party, and your child's age printed on the shirts. These t-shirts can be very practical party favors for all your child's guests. It is a good idea to get large t-shirts for all the party guests so that the children can wear the t-shirts for a long time. 

On the Birth of a Brother or Sister:  When you have a second child, and your first child becomes an older brother or sister, you can celebrate that occasion with a custom t-shirt. On the t-shirt, you can print your first child's name and the words "Big Brother" or "Big Sister" underneath their name. Getting a new custom t-shirt can make your child feel that they are special and an important part of your family. 

On Vacation:  When you go on vacation, your child can get very excited and run off to explore new places. To keep your child safe, you can get a custom t-shirt printed with the words "If Lost, Please Call (add your cell phone number)" on the front of the t-shirt. For security, ask your phone company to add a temporary phone number to your cell phone that is only valid while you are on vacation, and print that number on your child's t-shirt. 

On the Loss of a First Tooth:  When your child loses their first tooth, you can have a t-shirt printed that celebrates the occasion. This is a monumental event for your child and can be a little intimidating. A custom t-shirt with your child's name and a cute or funny image of a tooth, can give your child a feeling of accomplishment and make them proud that they are growing up. 

When designing a custom t-shirt for your child, you can have messages and images printed on both the front and the back of the t-shirt. Your child will be very proud and happy to wear a brand new shirt that was made especially for them. Contact a company like ShirtWorks for more info.