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5 Ways To Wow Your New Husband On Your Wedding Night

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Brides often spend months or even years planning their wedding day, wanting every detail to be perfect. When planning your dream wedding, just make sure you don't overlook the wedding night. The wedding night is when you and your new groom finally get to be alone after being surrounded by loved ones and a bustle of activity all day. The wedding night can be a great opportunity to start your marriage off in the most romantic and intimate way possible. Here are five ways to truly wow your new hubby on your wedding night:

Don't Drink Too Much

This should go for both of you. Neither of you will feel your best if you are drunk, plus getting drunk may seriously reduce the odds of mind-blowing, romantic wedding night sex. In fact, statistics show that less than half of newlyweds have sex on their wedding night, mostly due to over-indulging when it comes to alcohol. Not to mention, you probably don't want to start your marriage off with a huge hangover on your first day as a married couple.

It's best to discuss this with your groom ahead of time, for example agreeing to stick to no more than two glasses of champagne and drinking plenty of water.

Flirt with Him All Night

One of the best ways to guarantee a romantic wedding night is to build anticipation all day through flirting. A wedding can go by in a blur and many people will want to talk to you during it, so it's important to find ways to give your new spouse attention. Pulling him into the hallway for a passionate kiss, dancing with him, or just quickly whispering in his ear that you are excited about the night to come should do the trick.

Plan a Late Night Feast

Brides and grooms notoriously forget to really eat during their wedding, often due to a combination of nerves, excitement, and being distracted by toasts and other wedding events. You want to make sure that neither of you are starving on your wedding night, and having a late night feat together will make sure you both have energy. You can plan ahead of time by having your caterers set aside plates to bring back to your room, or simply by putting together a platter of fruit, cheese, crackers and other snacks.

Splurge on Designer Lingerie

Your wedding night isn't the time for basic cotton undies and a plain, functional bra. On one hand, you will most likely need to wear underthings that are more on the functional side under your wedding dress, such as shapewear, which probably won't be especially sexy.

Indulging in high quality lingerie, through a place like Lena Style, that you have waiting back in the hotel room will give you and your groom something much sexier to look forward to. Arrange to have a bit of time alone in your room after the reception to freshen up and change into your fancy new lingerie. When your groom walks into the room his jaw will probably drop.

Set the Scene

Your romantic plans for your wedding night won't come together as well if you don't set the scene. Make sure that extra wedding decorations and other wedding clutter are stashed somewhere other than your room. Bring candles, soft music (your first dance song is a nice touch), and make sure the room is clean and the bed is made. The idea is to make your hotel room feel like a romantic retreat after the hectic, busy wedding day.

If you follow these tips, you and your groom will end your wedding day- and start your marriage- with that true "Wow!" factor.