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The 3 Key Pieces You Need To Dress Like A Cowboy

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The truth is, dressing like a cowboy has never gone out of style, which Hollywood has acknowledged through western-themed shows and even videogames that focus on a more western theme. If you like to dress like a cowboy, or consider yourself a real cowboy, there has never been a better time to purchase some cowboy clothing and embrace this classic style. If you want to embrace more of a western style of dressing, there are a few key pieces you will need to add to your wardrobe.

Key Piece #1: A Western Jacket

At the heart of the western style of dressing is a really nice western jacket. There are more than one style of western jackets, so there are lots of choices for this first key piece. For a classic western jacket, you can pick up a denim jacket. You can go with a classic blue denim jacket, or you can mix things up with a darker style of denim. A Denim jacket is a great investment because the material is strong and sturdy and will last for a while.

Or you can go with a suede jacket, which is another strong western jacket style. Suede jackets are made to immolate the look of deerskin jackets that were common hundreds of years ago. Most suede jackets include some sort of fringe design, which actually serves a functional purpose The fringe design helps the suede fabric dry more effectively when it gets wet.

Or you can go with a corduroy jacket, another strong and classic western jacket style.

Key Piece #2: Cowboy Boots

If you want to dress western, you have to have a pair of cowboy boots. Cowboy boots are not just for kicking up the mud; they are a great fashion accessory.

Traditionally, for a boot to be considered a cowboy boot, the shoe would need to have round pointed toes as well as a stacked heel and come up at least partway up your calf. Not all cowboy boots present all three of these traits. Cowboy boots generally come in shades of brown or black, which work really well with denim. Snakeskin boots are another popular cowboy boot style you can try.

Key Piece #3: Jeans

A pair of good old denim jeans are the classic bottoms that are made to go with just about every piece of cowboy wear you can find. Jeans will complement your boots and western jacket just fine.  

If you want to dress like a cowboy, you need a classic western jacket, some sturdy cowboy boots, and a nice pair of jeans. To complete the look, invest in some button-up flannel shirts as well. Find more information at places like Cripple Creek.