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Cool Clothes For Your Guy During The Warm Weather

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It can be challenging to find the right ensembles for really warm weather, especially when you want to look cool. Invest in a few key pieces that will transform your guy's foundation wardrobe into perfect pairings for the summer months.

Help the man in your life stay cool and look hot during the warmer weather to come with these summertime tips:


Be ready for anything by layering airy and breathable garments during warm weather. For instance, wear a fantastic cotton papyrus print camp shirt over the usual tee and trousers or shorts. This brings a fun pattern or print to the outfit while also dressing up a simple tee shirt for a restaurant or work.


It makes sense to have a little fun and add a pop of color during warmer months, but go with lighter shades of green, blue, and even red to make the garment cooler in the sun. Men look great in pastel shades, and you can supplement your guy's current wardrobe with a couple of distinctive tees, like coral, mint, or yellow for new pairing possibilities. Feeling bold? Buy a pair of moccasins or boat-shoes in a vibrant, bright color for summer.


Always choose lightweight fabrics for warmer weather, like organic cotton, linen, and eco-friendly bamboo, which has natural wicking and longevity. Pick up a classic seersucker blazer to wear during warmer months with white linen pants and a V-neck tee or that he can pull out in winter weather with a white turtleneck for something fresh and different.


Prints are in style this season, and you can easily brighten up any traditional pair of slacks or shorts with a printed dress shirt or pullover. Choose a jacket or overshirt in a bold print and try it with pinstriped pants and a solid tee for a fresh and funky look for summer. If you are a little nervous about prints, start small with a pair of wildly printed socks or a great patterned tie at work.


Finish the right look with the perfect hat — straw is going to be the coolest on the head. Look for a hat with a wide, moisture-resistant band inside, which will absorb perspiration and keep you feeling cooler. Skip the visors unless your guy protects his scalp and head with sunblock.

Help that special guy stay cool and look great during any weather with these tips. Encourage him to invest in a few key pieces that will bring fresh pairings and ensembles, like a funky printed papyrus shirt or a great pair of linen pants. These are timeless separates that will never go out of style!