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Going Fall Golfing? Apparel You Need

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There's a misconception that clothing has to be mismatched and entirely colorful to be used in men's golfing. However, you want to be prepared in the best clothing for your sport when the weather starts to turn. You want to be ready for fall and the gentle breezes that come your way by wearing golf clothing that is appropriate for the club you are in as well as being warm and roomy. Here are clothing items you need for fall golfing.


Golf pants should be long enough to reach the shoes to allow for greater protection. If you have longer shorts that are allowed at your club but you don't want your legs to get cold, then wear the shorts but pair them with long, calf-length socks to get the best amount of coverage.

Speaking of socks, now is the time to switch to a wool or wool-blend pair of socks for fall golfing. The socks will be breathable while giving you the warmth and movement you need for an effective day of golf.


Polo shirts are very common among golfers and should not be ignored when the fall season hits. However, polo shirts should be layered with a ylon or other tight fitting shirt or worn under a button-up shirt to provide better protection. You should check with your golfing membership rules about wearing other styles of shirts such as sweaters over polos, to give you the warmth you need without breaking your golf club's violations.


Hats are necessary for blocking the sun and keeping your skin protected, and they are stylish as well. Opt for hats that pull lower over the ears so the harsh fall wind doesn't take its toll on your face. If you can, pair a hat with a matching scarf for added protection. You can also wear a hat with a fine pair of sunglasses as the fall sun can be just as harsh as the summer and spring sunshine.


A jacket should have lots of arm and armpit movement so you can swing effectively while offering you some warmth. Some golf clubs may only let you wear a jacket if it's a member's piece, so talk to your golf membership coordinator to see what types of jackets are allowed in your golf club.

The right mens golf clothing will keep you warm all winter and fall long when you golf. You can look trendy and be warm at the same time.