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How To Treat Scrotum Swelling

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It is alarming to discover that your scrotum is swollen and enlarged. This condition is usually harmless, and it should not prevent you from having sex, or cause fertility problems. Scrotal swelling is often caused by an abnormal growth, inflammation, and accumulation of fluid. However, this condition should not be painful.

If you are feeling pain, then it is time to schedule a doctor appointment. Read on to find out how to treat scrotum swelling.

Check For Infection

Your doctor will examine your genital area. During this examination, he or she wants to rule out an infection. An infection can heighten your condition. If you have an infection, then you are prescribed oral antibiotics. You may need to be admitted to the hospital to get antibiotics through IV if oral medication does not help.

Is It Painful?

Scrotal swelling is a condition that can occur rapidly or slowly. Testicular torsion is one of the main reasons why you may experience pain. It occurs when your spermatic cord becomes twisted. This injury restricts the flow of blood to your testes. It can cause severe pain, tissue death, and possibly permanent damage. To treat testicular torsion, you must untwist the testicles; your doctor can do this manually or through surgery. With the manual procedure, there is a chance the condition can come back.

After treatment, you may feel some discomfort. Some men tend to feel the enlarged scrotum when walking or when wearing tighter fitting clothing. It is common to feel some discomfort after having a procedure for testicular torsion. You may need to make lifestyle changes like wearing loose fitting clothes and discontinuing running for a while. However, your doctor will give you instructions for a safe and speedy recovery.

Get Extra Care From Scrotal Swelling Support

Some men have problems with a swollen scrotum because of the pressure. This pressure may come from clothing or injury. You can alleviate this pressure with supportive gear. Instead of wearing regular underwear, you want to wear a scrotal support brief. You can wear scrotal swelling support with or without surgery.

It also helps to see what supportive gear is available on the market and what you can get through your doctor. You can choose from a variety of supportive gear. For example, you can get the supportive brief that comes with a special pouch. This pouch is adjustable and it isolates your manhood while providing support. You do not have to worry about your scrotum rubbing against your clothing or thigh. Scrotal protective gear can also help with reducing your swelling. Contact companies like QNS Scrotal Support for more information.