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3 Important Features To Look For In A Waist Shaper For Waist Training

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Having a narrower waist makes your clothing fit you better, amplifies your bust, and may even help you feel more confident. It is the hourglass shape that many women visualize when they think of being beautiful, which is why waist training is such a popular thing. Waist training is done by gradually encouraging your body to be a certain shape. This process is accomplished by wearing waist-shaping devices and garments over time, which sounds simple enough. However, you do have to be careful when choosing a good waist shaper so you know you are not putting your body at risk. Here are a few good features to look for in a waist shaper when shopping at a retailer like Her Daily Deal.

Multiple Size Settings

The best waist trainers will give you a bit of room for adjustment as your waist changes size and shape, which happens throughout the day and as your waist changes during training. Therefore, the best waist shapers will have multiple size settings and the lower-grade models will have only one. For example, you may find a shaper that has only one set of hook-and-eye closures, which only gives you one fit possibility. Instead, you should go for a shaper that has adjustable straps or closures that you can tighten and loosen as the size and shape of your waist changes. 

Boned Structure 

Waist shapers that have some form of rigid structure will give you the most reliable slimming results with time. Boned structure in a waist shaper can come in the form of ribbed metal pieces that run the length of the shaper or simple rigid inserts that go along the sides and front of the shaper. Whichever one you choose is a matter of preference, but it is best to get a shaper with removable structural pieces so the shaper can be laundered regularly and the structure can be removed for comfort when needed. 

Solid Materials

Waist training involves compressing the skin, fatty tissue, and muscles in your waist area. Therefore, if you have a lightweight and breathable material, you will not see the best results. Fabrics like nylon and lycra offer too much stretch to really give you good compression around your waist as you move. Therefore, the best waist shapers that are used for training will be made out of more solid materials, like latex and polyester, which do not offer as much flexibility.