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Nine Nifty Leather Gifts for Him or Her

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If you need a great gift for a special man or woman in your life, you can't go wrong with leather. If you're looking for some ideas, here are nine leather gifts that could suit guys or gals.

1. A beautiful belt. A beautiful hand-hewn, leather belt is a wonderful gift that any man or woman will adore. Sizing is key, so this is a fairly-intimate gift and you want to ensure a perfect fit.

2. A leather key-fob. For a less-personal but still beautiful gift, a leather key-fob is an excellent choice. Choose gorgeous grains and colors of rich, buttery leather that the recipient can use for an important office, home, or desk key.

3. A leather cuff. Leather cuffs are cool and contemporary, and this is one accent that even people that don't typically don jewelry will want to wear. Choose simple styles, preferably with some sizing flexibility, so it will fit the intended wrist like a glove.

4. Gorgeous gloves. Speaking of gloves, a pair of high-quality leather gloves is a classic gift that never goes out of style. Choose soft, lambskin leather, lined or unlined, in unique colors for a special sentiment.

5. A leather leash. For the pet-lover, give a custom collar or leash for their four-legged family members. Choose soft, supple leather with high-end hardware that will hold-up over time and regular walks.

6. Something for the desk. Choose a lovely leather desk blotter or leather-wrapped writing implement for a distinguished gift to mark an important milestone. These can often be monogrammed with the name or initials of the recipient.

7. Haute hats. If your special someone enjoys flaunting a hat, give them one to add to their collection. Leather fedoras, western-style, and skull-caps are an affordable gift that will make a big impression!

8. A multi-purpose messenger. Another really-appreciated gift is a leather messenger bag or backpack. Everyone uses some type of bag for work, school, or even the gym- so make it something flashy and fabulous.

9. Classy credit card holders. For a small token that depicts style and elegance, give a high-end leather credit card valet for the special occasion. These are affordable, versatile, and utilitarian. Pick one that reflects the recipient's favorite colors, or have it embossed with a name, date, or motif to make it extra-special.

Choose high-quality leather merchandise for the perfect memento to give any man or woman in your life. Use these suggestions for some nice and nifty ideas that will grab attention and please the stylish recipient!